Totally Money Blog Carnival – It’s So Hot Edition

The Totally Money Blog Carnival is a collection of personal finance posts from all around the web.  This carnival is so hot that we had over 65 submissions this week.  So to break them up and have a bit of fun with the hot weather, I bring you “It’s so hot …” one liners.  This week, I’ve organized the carnival posts alphabeticallly by categories and alphabetically by blog name within category.  Enjoy!

It’s so hot that
 ….hot water comes from both taps.
….you can make sun tea instantly.
….zoos are serving up fruit in ice mounds to the chimps.

 …trees are creeping around looking for shade.

Editor’s Picks
Here are my favorites from this weeks entries!

Rich As Chocolate on how to get Free College Education from Elite Colleges – because it’s cool to be able to see what the uber wealthy folks see.

FamilyMoneyValues  Grandma Rie’s 2011 Money Camp – Activities and Resources – because it’s about my grandkids (and there are great resources to teach your kids about money)!!

The Millionaire Nurse Blog Dr Dean expounds on the cost of obesity in Diabetes and your money –  for the much needed reminder that we all need to care about this disease.

Blogging Your Passion describing How Do Bloggers Make Money? – because I want to make money!

Check out the rest of the carnival….

Moneyed Up We all like to be recognized for our hard efforts at work and few ways say it better than a promotion.  Read all about it in  Advance Your Career.

Stupid Cents Here is a list of the popular Career Websites for employment. There was a time not too long ago when you had to pound the pavement to find employment.

Money Spending Mommy explains How to Build a Good Credit History While at College.

NerdWallet As gas prices climb (and climb, and climb), discount gas is worth every penny in savings. But driving around in circles trying to find the station with the cheapest gas is, at best, only marginally successful.   What to do….read:  Want a Gas Discount? Look to Your Credit Card.

The Credit Letter shares 5 Things That Damage Your Credit Scoreand tells us how to avoid them.

Wallet Blog Learn how using a credit card while traveling overseas can help save money in  Traveling Abroad? Save Big With A Credit Card. A recent study shows that credit cards have the potential to save international travelers as much as 15% on currency exchange.


Debteye explains Why Most Debt Settlement Programs Fail.

Get Out of Debt Sometimes the easiest money to make to dig out of debt is the money you easily save read Out of Money and In Debt: Tips, Tricks and Traps to see how.

Help Fix My Finances For individuals who have decided to repay debt in order to improve cash flow, there is a very different strategy to employ than the Debt Snowball Method or straight debt repayment program. With debt repayment as a way to free up cash flow, the main area to target is the monthly payments.  Read all about it in  Debt Service Method of Debt Repayment.

Money Beagle says “There’s always time to look at ways to get out of debt.” and helps us out in  6 Ways To Relieve Yourself From Debt.

Wealth Pilgrim How to Improve Your Credit Score to Buy a House ? 4 Easy Action Tips.  Wealth Pilgrim says ” As you may know, a good credit score matters when you are looking to get a loan. This is truer than ever when you are applying for home loans. Feel free to use these easy credit tips to help improve your credit score to buy a house.”

Boomer & Echo notices More Hinting At An Interest Rate Hike.  He  found it interesting that experts can pick out one or two phrases from these statements and determine whether or not the Bank of Canada is hinting at a future interest rate hike.

Investor Junkie takes a Zen approach with his investing and with his business. When this administration yins – he yangs. Based upon monetary and fiscal policies: he will continue to invest in gold, silver, alternative investments, looking at methods that protect against inflation, and invest in stocks that have international exposure.  See why in How a Small Business Can Perform Like Wynn Resorts.

Little House in the Valley With the job market still in the dumps and not predicted to improve until 2016, Little House has a few ideas that can help keep the money rolling in read more in  Job Revival 2016 Editional.

Economy and Politics
101 Centavos asks Are The United States Going All Greek?   With all the debate the US being about to default like the Greeks if the debt ceiling is or isn’t raised, it’s a good time to step back and talk about a country’s net worth instead of just debt-to-GDP.

It’s so hot that
 ….people are baking cookies on their car hoods.
 ….potatoes are baking in the ground.
 ….ants are backstroking in the hummingbird feeder.


Canadian Finance Blog Is your financial advisor a bully? CFB knows a lot of great financial advisors but then he runs into the bad apple that gives financial advisors a bad name.

FastSwings Gold Prices Continuing To Rise – $2000 Mark In Sight  Forecasters believe that gold will exceed $2000 per ounce before the end of the year due to sluggish forecasts for the world wide economy.

Forex Trading System Central wants us to know that as far as Forex trading is concerned, there exists one relationship between currencies of which every Forex trader should know before actually to start trading. Read about it in  Taking Advantage of Euro/Swiss Franc Relations in Forex. 

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks The market value of top 3 beverage companies in the world exceeds $280 billion. These dividend paying aristocrats are PepsiCo, Coca Cola & Brown Forman. All 3 companies are in the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index meaning they have consistently raised their dividends every year for the last 25 years, without missing a single year. Read more in  Highest Dividend Paying Stocks.

My Journey to Millions says The Banking Technology Revolution Has Made Me a Great Customer.  Due to technological advances, I can do all of my banking online or at the ATM, without ever interacting with a bank employee. But at what cost do these technological advances come at? I think that most customers are “sticky” in that they are less likely to leave unless really provoked like a ridiculously high (new) service fee.

No Debt MBA Everyone has a different way of handling money as a couple. Here’s how they do it.

Retire Happy Blog Interviewing advisors means having the right Questions for Financial Advisors. Here’s lots of questions to help you find the right advisor to hire.

Rich As Chocolate tells us how to get a Free College Education from Elite Colleges.   Listen to college lectures on finance, business, the global economy, and other subjects for free. You can listen to Harvard Business School lectures, Yale finance lectures, UC Berkeley internet business lectures, and more. If you want to learn more about finance, this is your chance to learn from the best.

Simple Debt-Free Finance says “I Added Gold to my IRA.  How to invest in gold in your IRA, and why one blogger decided it’s not too late.”

Financial Literacy
FamilyMoneyValues has started the tradition of holding an annual Grandma’s Money Camp with her grandchildren to help them to focus on learning about personal finance. In  Grandma Rie’s 2011 Money Camp – Activities and Resources, she shares the actual activities and resources used in the camp for her 3 and 6 year old grandchildren.

Outlaw Finance: Investing Blog  Do you know the difference between long term and short term capital gains? It’s an important distinction for your tax and investing purposes. Learn more here:  Short Term vs Long Term Capital Gains.

Frugal Living
Budgeting In The Fun Stuff thinks too much frugality can hurt your overall progress. Just like anything else, budget in some change and live a little to give yourself a reminder of what it is all for.   Frugality Fatigue: Saving too Much Can Be Counterproductive.

Free Money Wisdom says don’t pay full price for your next medicine prescription. Instead  Use These Tips to Save on Your Next Prescription.

Frugal Living says there are lots of simple ways to save money on food bills. Let’s take a look at some ways to save on beverages, too in  How to Cut Your Food Budget: Beverages.

One Cent at a Time says that a Netflix subscription is a waste of money, especially if you are not a frequent movie watcher. When accumulated, that small Netflix subscription cost can run into $1000s in 10 years.  Do You Really Need Netflix Subscription, I Don’t.

The Family Wallet has Five Money Saving Tips for Frugal Family Fun.  If family funds are limited, it doesn’t necessarily mean fun and activities need to be limited as well. All it takes is a little bit of planning, and there are a wealth of activities you and your family can partake in while sticking to a frugal or free rule.

The Year of Shopping Detox tells A story of free(..ish) furniture.  The secret to furnishing your home for practically free? Rely on the kindness of strangers, and open yourself to a totally random design style.

It’s so hot that are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs.
 …asphalt is exploding in the streets.
…waterparks are putting ice cubes in the pools to keep them swimable.

The Millionaire Nurse Blog Dr Dean says the cost of obesity only gets bigger as you and the rest of the American public get bigger. Diabetes is one result that will cost you lots of money.  Read  Diabetes and your money.

My Personal Finance Journey ponders How Do Your Car Insurance Rates Vary Based on Age, Gender, and Geographic Location?   It’s no secret that car insurance rates vary on a driver-to-driver basis. This article takes a detailed look at the specific differences in car insurance premium rates based on 1) gender, 2) geographic location, and 3) age.

Control Your Cash welcomes us to the lucrative world of lease options. CYC says they’re a way to increase your wealth with almost zero downside in The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make.

Dividend Stocks Choosing Dividend Stocks With Cash Flow  A stock with a high yield, or a recent history of big hikes, might seem especially tempting. However, we shouldn’t always just look at how a company is doing now in terms of dividend yield.

Free Money Finance believes that One Key Advantage of a Roth IRA for many people is that there are never any forced distributions, making it a great retirement and estate planning tool.

Magical Penny tells us Why I Am Not In a SIPP and It’s Unlikely You Should Have One Either.  She’s looking forward to opening a SIPP when the time is right, but it’s not the right time for her at this stage, and if you are in your 20s it’s unlikely the right time for you. But don’t let that stop you from saving and investing in other ways.

Money Cone knows that Vanguard offers both ETFs and Mutual Fund equivalents for most of its popular funds and wonders if there is there a cost benefit to picking one over the other in  Should You Invest In Vanguard Mutual Funds Or ETFs?

Saving Money Today discusses the Advantages of Dividend Investing.

Stock Market Basics and Investing for beginners says that passive investing is something which is now considered one of the best ways to leverage the entire market and  Passive Investing definition and Active vs passive investing debate gives the exact definition of passive investing and why you should look at passive investing rather than active investing.

Sustainable Personal Finance reflects on  Why Do Dividend Stock Investing?saying  there are quite a few reasons to participate in dividend stock investing.

The College Investor takes a look at  the difference between  Buying Individual Bonds Versus Bond Funds.

Money Management
Balance Junkie explores Why This Is No Market for Couch Potatoes saying recent data shows the Couch Potato investment strategy returned less than expected. Is it a good way to invest?

Debt Consolidation 2U describes The Pros and Cons of Relying on Your Debit Card.

Invest It Wisely asks if you would give up the Internet for 1 million dollars? If it were permanent, I don’t think I’d give up the Internet. In  What Would You Do with a Million Dollars? he explains what he would do.

Live Real Now In  Credit Cards: My Failed Experiment he describes how they are not predisposed to be able to use credit cards well.  Credit cards just don’t feel like real money going out.

Money Matters Guy Don’t just choose a bank for the free toaster use these Tips for Choosing the Right Bank for You.

One Money Design Did you see the Great Recovery Kickoff Event?  Learn what it is all about and how you can participate in:   The Great Recovery: Dave Ramsey’s new movement

It’s so hot that
….the best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.
….you break into a sweat the instant you step outside at 7:30 A.M.
….the cows are giving evaporated milk.
….you can make sun tea instantly.


Blogging Your Passion believes that whenever someone is first introduced to the world of blogging, invariably the first question is “How do bloggers make money?” The want to know how writing articles and posting them on a webpage can turn into cash…so  How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Free From Broke There’s a new watchdog to help consumers  What is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and How Will it Help You?

My University Money Moving out and into the city for school can be a great experience, one of things to consider is who you are going to live with.   Should I Live Alone? Or Live With A Roommate?

The Amateur Financier presents Mixed Bag Monday – Dealing With Wallet Loss.  It is a guide to what should be done if you happen to lose your wallet, from trying to find it again to reporting it missing if you cannot.

Wealth Informatics takes a look at  Extended warranty – Who buys them, Is it worth it? What to look for? saying “All the PF gurus advice against extended warranty but lot of people still buy them. Why do people buy extended warranty? Is it worth it? What to look for in an extended warranty? And a flow chart to make a decision.”

Personal Finance
ChristianPF  In 11 Steps To Starting A Small Business Online ChristianPF  shows us the steps he took to start his online business and explains that they will vary depending on the type of business you are wanting to start. He says “Hopefully they will give you some ideas of some things you need to keep in mind as you progress!”

Real Estate
Everydaytipsandthoughts shows us  ideas how how to maximize sale price and minimize time on the market in  An Example Of How Small Changes May Make a Big Difference .

How Much is Your House Worth If you are looking to reduce your expenses you could save a lot by moving to a cheaper part of the UK. See where The Cheapest Property in the UK is.

Sweating The Big Stuff Did you know that there is a Social Security proposal that would cost the average retiree about $18,000 over 25 years?   The Government Could Lower Social Security Benefits Without Anyone Noticing.

Gen Y Capitalist explains why they think  paying yourself first may be holding you back in  Evolving Past Paying Yourself First and Taking Ownership of Your Life.

Living Richly on a Budget tells us about a Yahoo article  with some fairly simple ways to reduce spending in your everyday life in  5 Easy Ways To Save $1,000 Per Year.

Squirrelers When thinking about ways to save money, commuting costs are a target for some people. The thing is, those costs may be higher than we think!  Read all about it in  Commuting Costs: Be Careful, They Can Be Surprisingly High.

Whew!!! That list was so long that…..

Oh wait, wrong one liner.
Remember to submit your post for next weeks carnival.

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