Family MoneyValues Highlights Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
Barbara Friedberg started her blog Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance to share her expertise and experiences with us so that we can learn personal finance strategies; develop smart life and money habits; and make our money grow while we sleep by employing basic investing principles. She has an MBA in Finance, an MS in Counseling; and a BS in Economics and has experience in portfolio management, counseling, teaching and sales. She is also an entrepreneur!

One of her recent articles MONEY MAKING & MARKETING INSPIRATION FROM THE KARDASHIANS skillfully draws out lessons from the reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardiasians.

Pop over to visit, then subscribe to get her free eBook “20 Minute Guide to Investing” – you won’t be sorry!

FamilyMoneyValues Around the Web
Family Money Values wishes to thank all of the blogs and carnivals who have put up our articles and included us in round ups and carnivals for the past few weeks. Please let us know if we’ve forgotten you in the below list!

Roundups & Carnivals 
Free From Broke hosted the Totally Money Blog Carnival  linked to  Stop the Roller Coaster Ride – Build a Long Term Wealth Plan.

Frugal Confessions hosted the Yakezie Carnival last week and linked to On Staying Relevant at any Age.

Debt Free by Thirty hosted today’s Yakezie Carnival and linked to Increase Your Web Site Traffic – Write for Today’s Reader.

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The Baby Boomer’s Blog Carnival included What Responsibility Does the Family of a Homeless Person Have?

Matt from Matt’s Money Blog linked back to our Family Money Values home page.

Control Your Cash included our post on Prairie Eco ThrifterHow to Negotiate Better Prices in their Carnival of Wealth in their Carnival of Wealth (sorry you don’t like Dr Phil!)

Staff Posts
Miss T published How to Handle the Stock Market Roller Coaster Ride. I think she is  clairvoyant –  I wrote the article on a day the DOW dropped 500 points.  The market went back up but then on the day this posted, it dropped another 400+ points!

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