Yakezie Update and Summer Group Round Up

Yakezie Update/Summer Group Round Up
On April 15, I joined the Yakezie Challenge (to read about what that is, check out my “I joined post“).  At the time, my Alexa rank was 522,566.  Today it is 152,894.

Part of the reason for recent decreases in the Alexa score is due to the efforts of my summer Yakezie group.  Our group (4) is the newest and shineiest of all.  I want to thank the group members and the entire set of Yakezie members and challengers for your support for this blog!

Here is a sample of my group’s recent posts:

Beating Broke reminds us that the main job we have in college is to learn, so don’t mess up by working too much in Don’t Be a Fool, Focus on School.

My University Money seconds that and shows you how in Why Work When You Can Get Scholarships.

Brave New Life reminds us to get back to the basics of saving with Don’t Worry About Investing, Just Start Saving.

Baking the Budget asks if you are planning well enough in Planning for a Major What If.

A guest post on Not Made of Money shows us how to use commonly available products to clean – in Saving With Do-It Yourself Cleaning.

You Have More Than You Think asks us if $46,000 a month is too much for child support in $46,000 a Month for Child Support – How Much Is Too Much?

Our Journey to Zero introduced us to the concept of an online chain letter in 7 Links of Awesome Sauce.

Everything Finance Blog helps us understand the risks to bonds in the current economic environment in Are Bonds at Risk of Default.

FamilyMoneyValues Around the Web
Family Money Values wishes to thank all of the blogs and carnivals who have put up our articles and included us in round ups and carnivals for the past few weeks. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten you in the below list!

Guest Posts
Invest It Wisely published our guest post:  Are You Spending Your Time Wisely? Our allotted time does run out….are you using it wisely?  Do you ever wonder about paths not taken in the way you have ‘spent’ your time?

My University Money included Maximize Your Routines for Health and Wealth – or How to Get Rich and Thin Using Daily Routines in their weekly roundup.

Super Frugalette included our staff post on Prairie Eco Thrifter “It Really Does Get Better” and our post Beneficiary Designation Checkup Time on the Yakezie Carnival.

Compounding Returns linked to our post Tax Lien Sale Research Time in the Totally Money Blog Carnival.

Personal Dividends included Why You Need to Understand Your Money Attitude in the Carnival of Wealth

Life and My Finances included our guest post on Invest It Wisely “Are You Spending Your Time Wisely” in their weekly round-up.

You Have More Than You Think included Stop Trying To Get Rich – 8 Reasons to Avoid Wealth in their weekly roundup.

Staff Posts
Miss T at Prairie Eco Thrifter published our post Kindergarten to College – Back to School Money Tips.

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