Yakezie Blog Swap # 16 How to Raise a Millionaire – Developing Your Child’s Entrepreneurial Aptitude

Hello and welcome to the 16th Yakezie blogger network blog swap! This time my fellow bloggers wrote about how to raise a millionaire – developing your child’s entrepreneurial aptitude.

Grab a cup of Joe, settle in and learn how to teach your child to earn a million!

DebtEye gives us 5 favorite distinctions between millionaires and the middle class so you can use them to guide your children at Fiscal Phoenix.

Money for College Project remembers their serial entrepreneur parents and points out how to teach kids the opportunity cost on all expense items posted at The Dog Ate My Wallet.

Narrow Bridge Finance advises us to SHOW our kids how to handle money. Let them learn by doing alongside you the parent – posted at Sustainable Life Blog.

Thirty Six Months gives us three great tips on how to encourage your kid to be a creative entrepreneur type at Money Q & A.

The Millionaire Nurse – Dean lists 11 things to teach so that you can instill an entrepreneurial spirit in your child at Odd Cents.

RamblingFever Money – Matt instructs us to understand what our child loves to do and guide them to success using what they love at 101 Centavos.

Odd Cents – Dannille says the best way to teach a kid about entrepreneurship is to get them involved and excited at The Millionaire Nurse.

Money Q&A – Hank shows us 5 ways to raise entrepreneurial kids at Thirty Six Months.

101 Centavos discusses Exploiting Your Children For Fun And Profit, or, How To Raise A Millionaire at Ramblingfever Money.

Dog Ate My Wallet – Erin gives us a couple of nice examples of parents working with kids to help them become entrepreneurs at Money for College Project.

Fiscal Phoenix – Melissa shares her 3 step plan to make her kids money savvy at Debt Eye.

Sustainable life blog – Jeff encourages us to point out problems to our kids to see what they think about them at Narrow Bridge Finance.

In 2011, I did a series on How to Make Your Child a Millionaire. To see all posts in that category, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

Hope you enjoyed all of the perspectives on this subject.

Aloysa at My Broken Coin has signed up to host next month’s Yakezie blog swap with a subject of The Best Budget Travel Tip You Ever Learned.

Readers, what have you done to teach your kids about personal finance?

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