Pardon the Interruption!

Over the next week, we will be converting the platform on which FamilyMoneyValues runs.  It is currently on Google’s Blogger platform and we will be converting it to WordPress residing on our HostGator servers.  CORRECTION – as of 3/30/12 we are still in progress with this!

WordPress is open source, non-proprietary software and is widely used by many bloggers.  By converting to this platform we hope to offer a better and more consistent user experinece for you.

This might cause a few interruptions in availability and a few anomalies in the way the blog looks.  For instance, comments may not be in the same order they currently are; you may see the full text of posts on the page for awhile instead of summaries  – as it looks like we may need to manually re-do the read more breaks.  In addition, we will intentionally be changing the design of FamilyMoneyValues just a bit.

I ask your pardon in advance for any difficulties you many encounter and encourage you to continue to visit and participate in our community of readers.


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2 thoughts on “Pardon the Interruption!

  1. >Wooo hoooo! Congrats on your move over to WordPress! I've always liked WordPress blogs better than Blogger ones. :-) Good luck on the transition.

  2. Jen, thanks for the support. I’m still figuring WordPress out. I’m glad you found me again!

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