Deciphering the trading day CNBC show banners.

Do you watch the market news on CNBC television? They have various shows running throughout the day such as Squwak Box, Fast Money, Closing Bell, Power Lunch and etc.

Each of these shows, during Monday through Friday, run stock tickers of various kinds showing what is going on in the market.

Now that we are retired, my spouse and I tune in at various points in the day to see what the ‘talking heads’ (what we call the anchor people and their guests) are saying, as well as how the market is trending. I have to say at this point, that I’ve heard it is not beneficial for individual investors to base decisions on what these shows are providing, as their purpose is to get readers and to do that they always have to provide the latest and hottest information – not always the most analytical or meaningful to individual investors.

That said, my husband and I sometimes stop and scratch our heads about what some of the various tickers really are.

So, for our own benefit, I have done a bit of research and will share that with you in this post. Seasoned traders, please let me know if there are corrections needed!

This is one of those long (somewhat boring) information pages that are good to refer back to when needed, so feel free to bookmark it for future use. Continue reading


Family Money Values is primarily concerned with generations of family members passing their values and assets on into the future. In order to do that, a family has to have some future generations – meaning your children, their spouses and their children. Successful relationships are key to your ability as a family to build across generations. You never think of yourself as an in-law though  – right?

Are you female? Do you have kids? Are they married or do you expect them to get married some day?

If so, guess what, you WILL be a Mother-in-law.

After all those years of mothering, teaching, worrying and caring, suddenly you become the evil MIL! Comedians really come down hard on mother-in-laws – portraying them as demanding, controlling butinskies. One came down so hard that she was sued by her mother-in-law! Continue reading

Happy Memorial Day

beach this way sign

Aaaaaah the start of summer! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!   Be safe, enjoy, and stay cool!

Family Money Values wishes to thank all of the blogs and carnivals who have put up our articles and included us in round ups and carnivals for the past month. Please let us know if we’ve forgotten you in the below list!

Here are a few of the carnivals, roundups and sites to whom we owe thanks.


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Family Meetings

Teach each other using family meetings by holding them with your adult children and grand children.

A multi-generation family meeting can be a great forum to guide your adult children and to learn from them, as well as to teach the next generation (your grandkids).

If you set the stage correctly, holding a family meeting with your adult children can facilitate open discussion on relevant topics, educational sessions from any family member to the others and shared decision making; as well as potentially ease those difficult conversations we need to have from time to time.

Here are three steps to set the stage for your first meeting with your adult children: Continue reading

Summer Camp

Schools are letting out and parents everywhere are wondering what to do with the kids all summer. Day care expenses mount and the experience gets boring for the kids. Many parents choose to provide summer camp for their children. While many summer camps are meant for fun and entertainment only, some serve a larger purpose. Among those are camps that teach kids financial and business concepts. Continue reading

About the Stock Market – Terms that Confuse

The stock market, like every other specialized area, has it’s own language. Some of the stock market terms can be confusing – even to highly educated people who have been investing for years. If you don’t think so, just tune into Power Lunch on CNBC and really listen.

Although I’ve been in the market since 1996, some terms still confuse me. These are often ones I don’t use much, but some are fairly common!

Here are some of the terms that confuse. Some of them, I just never can remember which one is which (like Bear and Bull – to me they are both just animals). Others are (in my mind) very esoteric and somewhat hard to understand – or are slight twists on other terms, with a tiny difference in meaning.

Bear with me while we muddle through these together.  Some day we will explore using them! Continue reading