Choose Wealth! Be a Millionaire by Midlife.

Jamaca beach flattenedHave you ever wondered how people get rich? Why is it that some folks manage to accumulate significant amounts of wealth while others just scrape by?

Only 1/4 of Americans end up with more than half a million by their 60′s. Will you be one of them? I am.

You don’t have to be a best selling author, a rock star musician, a tech guru wizard or a high powered lawyer to be a multimillionaire, you just need time and persistence. Anyone can do it if they know how. YOU can do it if you want it badly enough, learn how and persist. You just have to choose to be wealthy. This book helps you figure out how to choose wealth.

My new book, Choose Wealth!  Be a Millionaire by Midlife, is now available – on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes  and many other online outlets. I’m so excited to have completed this effort and hope that folks find it helpful in pursuing wealth of every sort, whether financial or other. Continue reading

Leaving a Wealth Legacy

We here at Family Money Values want to help your family maintain their wealth and well being for generations to come. In order to do that, a family needs to have their own identity – members must recognize the unique talents, characteristics, values and goals they have in common with other family members.

Every family, whether rich in dollars or not, can leave a wealth legacy – a legacy of success, of accomplishment and of satisfaction with a life well lived.

Susan Crandell, freelance author, contributing editor to a number of publications and online sites, as well as former editor-in-chief of MORE magazine, and her husband, Stephan Wilkinson, are leaving such a legacy with their daughter and grandson.

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Susan for one of her upcoming articles and she graciously consented to allow me ask her a few questions for this post as well. Continue reading

Millionaire Story – Virginia Marie Rometty – 1st Female CEO of IBM

International Business Machine (IBM) has been around for about a hundred years. For many of those, when you thought of IBM, you thought of up tight men in black suits and ties. That has changed!

In October of 2011, Virginia Marie Rometty was named the CEO of IBM – the first woman to be so named.

She is a self made millionaire – with a salary in 2011 according to Business Week of $8,342,270. Continue reading

Angie’s List – One More Idea I Wish I Had Pursued

Have you ever watched the news of some company’s superb success and thought to yourself – I could have done that! I had that same idea years ago, why didn’t I act on it?

I had that feeling today when I heard that Angie’s list is going public. According to Bloomberg  the IPO is planned to occur prior to Thanksgiving. The company will be listed on NASDAQ with symbol ANGI and will probably be priced next week.

Continue reading