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By advertising on Family Money Values you will reach audiences interested in understanding wealth.  Our visitors want to understand issues wealth can cause and plan to avoid them.  They want to understand how to prepare for wealth and what to do after getting there.  They look for information about building their wealth, preparing their heirs to receive wealth, estate planning, financial literacy training, charitable giving and wealth lifestyles.

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Our target audience includes both the young and striving as well as those with $500,000 to $3 million in net worth.  We have visitors from around the world, with the majority from the USA and with growing numbers for other countries such as:  France, European Countries, Canada, Great Britain, Romania, Germany and Uganda.

Press Mentions
We have been mentioned in and are referred to on the website of Mark Hayes Daniell and Sarah Hamilton, authors of Family Legacy and Leadership – Preserving True Family Wealth in Challenging Times.  Donald Liebenson shared our 2012 financial goals on Spectrum’s Millionaire Corner.

Target the growing audience of this wealth site!  We reach over a thousand unique visitors with over 2800 actual visits and 13,000 pages each month.
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