My Books

I have several books in the works.  Please sign up for my newsletter to receive updates on the status of these.

Choose Wealth!  Be a Millionaire by Midlife is a comprehensive look at making your million – based on my own journey.  I share my unique Framework for Wealth, along with suggestions on how to kick start your journey, roadblocks you may find and how to overcome them, my own story, and much more.

It is currently being reviewed by some of my blogging buddies and will go out for editing soon.

I’m super excited to have gotten my first big book onto paper (conceptually speaking) and intend to publish it this year!

If you would like an advance copy and are willing to provide review comments and an Amazon review for it, please contact me (marie @ – remove the spaces before using.


I’m story-boarding a series of Money Camp books that will  help parents/grandparents/other concerned adults help children grow into financially savvy adults by helping parents or grandparents teach time bound, specific personal finance lessons at each stage of their child’s life.  There will be an introductory or overview book and a series of books specific to age groups such as pre-school – kindergarten; first through third grade and so on.

These will be based on my research, experience with my own grown sons as well as the results of my Grandma Rie’s Money Camp that I hold with my own grandchildren each summer.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for content or teachable lessons that have worked for your children or grandchildren.