Financial Lessons for Your Horse Lover


Teaching children about money and the values that surround it is an important, but often neglected parental duty.  I’ve written several stories aimed at children that attempt to convey the money messages I’ve learned and want my grandchildren to assimilate.

I’ve labelled them Financial Fables.  My Granddaughter’s favorites are the ones about horses.  She is 7 and has been nuts for horses for 2 years already!

At her request, I’ve started writing the Whinny series stories (there are currently 3 and more in the works) to PDF style books and am offering all of them to you for a small charge.

The PDF versions of the stories are an easy gift idea for your little horse lover.  I’ve recently discovered that (if downloaded to your PC), the PDF software can read the story aloud for you!  I haven’t, however, found a way for that to happen when viewing a PDF online, so if you know a way to make that happen, please drop me a note!

Here are the Whinny stories now available – for only $1.79 each!  They are only available here.  Join me in helping the next generation learn great money values.

Just email using our contact form if you would like to purchase them and I will send you a printable pdf.  I will invoice you from Paypal for the payment.  You can pay with credit card or Paypal balance. Continue reading

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Six Easy Estate Plan Checkup Tasks

No one likes to think about death and no one likes to spend precious time dealing with something that will happen after they die. You are doing this only for those who come after, to make things easier for them to handle your affairs they way you specified. Even if you have already done the exercise of setting up an estate plan, you do have to keep it up to date. Here are six checkup tasks to do once a decade or when you know something has changed. Continue reading

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